Newborn Portraits



Miyo Baby Studio:

I provide a newborn studio for you at 600 W. 1st Street, Suite 1023, Tempe, Az 85281.  There you will have your pick of backdrops, baskets, furs, wraps and accessories.  A private area for nursing and changing baby, complete with changing table and baby care items, will be available for you.  

Your home:

With input from you on colors and style preferences, I will bring props, accessories, backdrops, wood floor paper, wraps, blankets and furs to you.  Natural light is the most crucial factor in making the portraits, so if your home is too dark I will recommend you come to me.

Nurseries and master bedrooms will be the best places to photograph.  I look for solid walls for portraits with parents. I also love incorporating the personal touches and love that go into the nurseries you create.

When to schedule

Best time to take the photos: within 24-48 hours of birth is great, but if you want to wait until you are home with baby and settled in, try not wait longer than 10 days.  The ideal for optimal results is up to 7 days of age.  Of course this can change if you have a full term or a pre term baby.


Preparing for your Newborn Home Session

You may think that a newborn session is quick and easy.  80% of the time, it is not.  It takes a lot of patience and time, and then a little more patience.  

What you can do to help:

Most important thing is to be sure your newborn has been fed at least thirty minutes prior to the session. If it has been more than two hours since the last feeding, but baby is sleeping, it is highly likely that when I move your newborn he or she will wake up hungry.  Anticipate your baby being hungrier than usual, or needing the help of a pacifier or bottle to relax him/her.  The posing and rearranging of baby will likely overstimulate.  Nursing baby is ideal for both mommy and baby, but as nursing can sometimes take an hour - you don't want that to affect our session time.  If possible, bottle feed during the session. Then you know your baby is full.

Have baby covered in blanket or wrapped very loosely, so we don't wake baby by unswaddling or undressing.

Try to make the room or home where we are shooting warmer than usual, as babies get cold very easily.  If you are hoping to get certain poses, just be aware of your baby's comfort level. Some babies only like being swaddled, others like being unwrapped.

Clothing:  nude babies are the most precious.  I use wraps and covers wherever needed - diapers off is optional.  Additionally, newborn outfits are usually too large to fit your baby.

I encourage creativity, so incorporate anything you like.

Parents should wear solid white, or pastel colors, especially for when we photograph you with your baby.  I highly recommend plain t-shirts. For moms, preferably sleeves (i.e. no tanks or straps)







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