Timing and Scheduling of Maternity Session

The best time for scheduling a maternity session is between 33-37 weeks of pregnancy. 6 weeks before the due date is your safest bet, because babies don't always arrive when expected. I recommend no sooner than 33 weeks.

The best place for doing maternity photos is outdoors. I love selecting dramatic and colorful settings such as the Botanical Gardens.  However, urban settings are also fun and dynamic. It it all about your personal style.  

Speaking of...Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration! Check out my maternity pin board for ideas. Here you will also see the types of styles I recommend for clothing.



White or light colors, such as pastels, are the best choice.  I do not recommend black.  These colors allow you to take center stage in the photograph. They enable me to create strong contrasts between the clothing and the background colors. Patterned clothing can be distracting and draw the attention when the portrait is viewed. If looking for a great maternity dress, I highly recommend gowns or dresses that are made specifically for pregnant bellies, because they contour to the body. Take a look here at examples or even purchase a gown. Do a search for maternity gowns on and you will find some amazing choices, all affordable and very flattering! If looking for something more high end, I love the Taopan brand by Ana Brandt, found here.

I also love the designer maternity gowns on Sew Trendy,


If your partner or other family members will join you in the maternity portraits, coordinate the color and style of clothing.

Varying colors and styles of clothing will be distracting and will take away from the faces in the portrait. The end result may be a busy portrait that is not pleasing to the eye.



Bare Your Belly

Consider showing your belly in your maternity portraits. Wearing a bandeaux or bringing one along, with a cute pair of jeans, can make for an adorable belly shot.  If you prefer to keep your stomach covered, a tight-fitting shirt will accent the belly while keeping you covered.





The most important factor when deciding on the clothes to wear for maternity portraits is your comfort. The photography session should be a relaxing and fun experience. If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, it may show in the maternity portraits.