4 Month Session in Studio with parents

Recent studio portraits for the Mother's Day Promo, with this stunning baby boy of 4 months, and his gorgeously happy parents. Their smiles filled the room!

Newborn Baby Boy in Miyo Studio

Athough it is much more convenient for new parents to have me bring the studio to them, my studio is set up with the most ideal light and environment for portraits. All props and accessories are easy to select in order to customize the session.  Lavender essential oil diffusers, soothing spa music and a relaxing atmosphere all make for the perfect environment for portraits.

6 Month Portraits in the Studio. Love the natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. Walls are seamless white, the shabby chic pink and white rug - as well as the vintage chair make such a beautiful and girly addition to the shots.

Painting With Light

Gorgeous home session with the most beautiful natural light, and white washed walls which were perfect for these images.

Baby Avery

Babies love the feel of the soft furs and basket stuffers that I use, so these shots are often effortless. But every position of their hands, how the wraps enfold them, is carefully crafted. Almost impossible with an alert baby, so half of thes session time is often just getting baby calm and relaxed. And when the little twitches of the face turn into a smile, it is pure heaven.

Baby Julia

I am so in love with the beautiful hand made accessories made by 'Propy' from Lithuania.  Made of the finest mohair, the bonnets and hats all have a gorgeous vintage look. And this beautiful baby slept through the entire session and made the posing and multiple outfit changes very easy.  On average, your baby will be able to handle about three outfit changes. All of the posing, rearranging, wrapping and unwrapping can really overstimulate them - so it is best not to be too ambitious but start with two most important - then the rest is bonus material!

Maternity Session at Spur Cross in February

Spur Cross, though far north and in a remote desert area near Cave Creek, is worth the distance traveled for portraits.  Although it was February and the foliage sparse and creek bed dry,  there were beautiful colors and textures here.  And this adventurous mommy made the small hike down into the valley in her pink gown to get the best shots.  Big sister to be, Quinn, was a ball of energy and explored the area, occasionally popping into the shots.  


Baby Announcement in Parkwood Studio

Although studio work is not my niche, I do enjoy having to work within a small and uniform space, especially when I have a super fun and awesome family that is game for anything! I loved this idea for this couple's announcement of expecting baby #2! Their expressions are priceless!

Every Breath

Every breath, every moment, is so precious and fleeting in these first few weeks. The sleepy innocense, so immaculate to capture. The love. So raw and so real. Despite the sleepless nights and worrying that we are doing all we can for this tiny human. Who needs us so very very much. It is a great blessing to give life, and to feel so needed.